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Storytelling is a unique ability of human race. It has been pivotal in transforming a mass of mundane earth into a throbbing, pulsating, lively little world… the world that we love to call our own. The urge to tell and be heard has been with us since the initiation of our existence. So what exactly is storytelling? It’s the ability to think, to visualize, to connect one to another, to create accounts that sometimes convince us and sometimes just leave us guessing. We love to hear or churn out stories, each one has his or her unique flights of imaginations but only a few have the gift and inclination to give shape to their dismantled thoughts…The ones who can do it are THE STORYTELLERS… StoryWorld is a filmmaker – driven production studio born out of a desire for excellence. With the fine blend of expertise and experience founder Vivek Sharma made the desire a living destiny and thus was born STORYWORLD… StoryWorld fuses the craftsmanship and technology of filmmaking with the art of storytelling and creates high quality entertainment, advt. films, spot film, short film, television specials in animation & live action, for both the national and the international audience. The studio has technologically adept creative talent, comprising of film & animation graduates, a strong experienced management team ably supported with advanced film making technology & techniques.

  • 10 November 2014
  • Vivek Sharma
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