10 things you should do after you launch your new brand

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You’ve hired the designer. Spent hours honing in on your vision and collecting inspiration. You’ve established your target audience and set up a game plan on how your new brand voice will attract them.

Then it’s launch day. Now what?

So many people take all the right steps in the launch process until the actual launch itself! The last thing you want is for your hype to fizzle out or – even worse – never have hype to begin with! Here’s how you can make sure your brand launch or re-launch is successful:

1. Be consistent on all platforms.

Your brand voice should be consistent everywhere it exists. If you present yourself or your brand as being super casual and outgoing on Instagram, then act very formal and restricted in your emails, this would be confusing as hell to your potential clients.

Make sure you’ve transitioned all of your social media accounts to reflect this new brand, as well as any in-person materials (storefront, business cards, pricing menus, etc.)

Be 100% your new brand in full force after you launch. (click to tweet) Don’t turn back or revert to old methods.

2. Connect with your target market authentically.

Where does your target market hang out on social media? Find ways to communicate with them authentically. This isn’t a place to shout your rebrand from the rooftop, but it is a perfect opportunity to create new connections with people your brand hopes to serve. The same concept applies to connecting with other similar businesses or your industry peers. Be present. Provide value and validation to your target market. One day they will need your product/service and you’ll be in the back of their mind.

3. Prepare content to support launch engagement.

You should definitely be creating some badass blog content to be released in the days or weeks following your launch. Think of what your target market wants to read, then give them exactly what they want. You want it to feel like they are falling into your brand’s lap by accident. You should also get your SEO game all up in those posts to make sure that epic content is effectively bringing in people that are searching for it.


Same thing goes for social media. Have you pre-scheduled your tweets, Facebook posts, and grams? Schedule these before your launch so that there is a ton of awesome content being released afterward without you having to post everything live. Not everything should be about your launch, either. Post secondary content that supports your launchand whatever product/service you offer without blatantly having to sell sell sell.

4. Reach out without an ego.

Are you connected to a community of fellow biz bffs? Amazing! Ask your fiercest pals to share your new site. Not comfortable with asking them to share? Share some of their work in the weeks prior to your launch so they are more likely to return the favour.

5. Have systems in place to handle growth.

Whether it’s having salespeople on standby to answer questions or handle an influx of orders or emails, or it’s having a client management system that helps you keep track of it all, you will need efficient systems set up in advance to help you when things take off. Don’t risk being unprepared and giving a crappy customer experience. This launch/re-launch is your opportunity to impress.

6. Don’t count on that launch buzz to last forever.

Even if your launch gains some kind of virality, the internet is fickle and fast-fizzling (whoah alliteration much). You should know your unique value proposition and have a long-term marketing plan to attract your target client/customer and keep up the hype.

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