Simple Web-Blog Optimization For Improved SEO Results


Is your blog performance is up to the mark? Is it getting the traffic as per its potential? If no then just keep on reading to get useful information to make your blog attractive and traffic-inviting.

It seems every enterprise has its blog at present. And to be true, very less among them can completely capitalizing the contents as in terms of better SEO rankings. So let’s focus on the points that can be implemented to enhance the blog performance that shows in SEO results:

Select a persuasive name for your blog

It is really annoying to see the website’s blog title as ‘blog’. The marketers or SEO experts must be innovative and descriptive when selecting the blog title of the website. It is also a tool for optimization. You can ask yourself the these:

  • What’s the theme of the blog?
  • What can I create a persuasive title for my industry?
  • What can help me to reach the target audience?
  • Can I use SEO keywords in the title?

When you can think of a title that can satisfy all these criteria then the name can be incremental for the SEO ranking. An example can make it clearer, you are a girls apparel online retailer and “An apparel blog”, but it is not appropriate for it at all, whereas when you name it Trending girls apparels updates blog will be much impactful. As your target audience are the girls and they like to know the trends and select the wearable that’s the latest in style.

Become preference for potential customers with every post

When the topics selected to write the post can interest the target audience or if it contains some information that they will like to know the specific keywords placed organically. For instance, if you offer marketing services, you can create a post on a recent topic prevailing in the industry.

You should create user-friendly URLs URL is an important aspect of every post, many or the SEO persons include each word of the title in the URL. This can make it too long, which can be annoying but it should be descriptive but should be short and apt too.

Example of Long and boring URL: https://examplesite(DOT)com(SLASH)blog/5-tips-for-creating-seo-friendly-blog-for-your-business Example of Shorter, optimized URL: https://examplesite(DOT)com(SLASH)blog/5-simple-tips-for-improved-seo-results

Include optimized images & videos Images do it much better, that is the topic, service or the information you want to convey in front of the audience can be easily conceived by them with the help of correct images or a video. They are really beneficial for SEO process and always remember to put the exact descriptive alt tags.

Profit with social media sharing

There are various advantages that can be obtained through sharing your post on social media platforms. Which are like:

Makes the audience about your active presence online.

  • You can engage more and more audience
  • Social signals are an influencing factor in ranking algorithm and it better SEO results
  • These shares links on these platforms can invite maximum traffic.

So after designing a great post ensuring proper optimization always share it on the social sites with an interesting and catchy sentence that can brief about the post

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