What Is Google’s Maccabees Update And What Are Impacts ?


Recently it has been a talk in the world of SEO about the latest algorithm change by Google and it has been confirmed December 12th and it is named as Maccabees Update. Though previously marketers seemed confused about the impact it has and with various prevailing rumors about the purpose, it was directed for. Some had the opinion that it affected affiliate sites, others are saying this is specific to e-commerce websites such as category structure, yet another set saying it as a bug with the algorithm showing bad quality sites. A lot of assumptions are hovering around.

After a lot of speculations let’s take a look at Maccabees update (previously called Fred)?

The update rolled didn’t have a formal name, so it was named Fred. But Barry Schwartz named it Maccabees in acceptance of Hanukkah and the was followed by all the digital market experts.

What does this update actually do?

The core algorithm changes can be various, some of the expectations are: Algorithms that finds the relevance factor of a search query to a website To see the change in how a link to a website should score. That is, some links start with counting less or other links can count more. This can end in re-ranking of some kind of sites. Websites that are based on one link can be assailable if that type is devalued. Focus can be on the page content scoring. For instance, if someone searches for any informational content, in that case, commercial sites may be considered irrelevant.

What is the update all about and what are the impacts?

The first evident result of the Maccabees update was seen on December 12 and the impact is not vast. The report of evidence provided that many affiliate category website is affected by it. Normal e-commerce websites have not been impacted on the same level but some have marked a drop in traffic, but e-commerce sites appear to be less to that effect.

It is alluring to know updates to the core algorithm as targeting a definite type of site. Though, according to Googles spokesperson, these updates are done to enhance relevancy. Hence, from the above-discussed matter, improvements to on-page or off-page relevance signals, and probably both.

Here are some of the hovering conceptions and counterarguments:

Maccabees update is connected to mobile-first: this hypothesis has been overruled as some have reported that their websites are responsive and others have said they have not observed any increase in Google’s mobile bot.

Desktop visibility impacted more than mobile visibility: this is an engrossing hypothesis but some have said the opposite.

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